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Sold!... Yeep...

Updated: May 6, 2021

I think Michelle's face says it all really. "Well... I hope that was the right decision..!"

The kids are clearly stoked (or simply hamming it up for the camera as usual - a bit like their Mum), but I do wonder if they are able to process what this means for them.

What an incredibly bitter sweet moment. We knew all at once, that our dreams talks and then plans, had taken their first major step towards their fruition. We were on the conveyor belt now, and nothing was going to stop us.

There was still a mountain ahead in terms of planning, and tasks to complete. From preparing the house for the new owners, then storing our stuff (mainly Michelle's designer shoes and bags...). Not to mention WHERE WILL WE LIVE?! We had a couple boats we liked, and were talking to the owners/agents, but far from a done deal.

There were a few times we thought about ditching, and just buying a new, upgraded house. But we knew that, it was more of the same - more of what we had dreamt about escaping. Moreism, stuff buying and hamster wheel turning. No, we wanted out, at least for a break and reset, to get proper life perspective for ourselves, and our kids.

And so it began, the first domino to fall, and a whole pathway full of them, to follow...

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