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Not ANOTHER Sailing Family!

Who are we?

Yes we know, our lifestyle is becoming a bit cliche when you browse youtube and see the plethora of families doing the same thing - or so we thought. What we didn't realise until after we had moved on board, was the amount of courage, conviction and emotion that would be required to get there. I have the UTMOST respect for anyone who has decided to ditch a tradtional life and do something different, no matter on land or sea. It is hard, but we are hoping, as you will see throughout this journey, that the benefits to us and our family, make it all worth while. We hope you will join us, and if we are able to inspire anyone in a a small way, that would be awesome too.

The Seasmiths are made up of Dad (Ryan) who is an IT geek in a previous life, Mum (Michelle) who was a high flying corporate working, Chartered Accountant breadwinner. Anaiah (10) who loves art, and is very creative, Rafael (9), who is a rugby nut, and Cruz (6), who is the family clown, and provides a lot of light hearted relief.

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